Vibrant Whole Health

Nutrition guidance for vibrant health.

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Start your health journey.

90-min initial intake

We will go over your health history and concerns, set goals and discuss changes you’d like to make.


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60-min follow-up

Follow-up meeting(s) after initial intake. We will discuss goal/plan progress, set new goals and I will offer additional verbal recommendations.


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20-min check in meeting

For those who just need a quick in-person chat about goal progress or to ask questions about their plan.


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Build on the basics with options to fit your lifestyle.

Grocery store tour

Together we will locate healthy alternatives to your favorite foods and examine nutrition facts and ingredients to equip you with the knowledge you need to navigate every shopping trip.

1hr $100

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Kitchen and Pantry Visit

We will walk through the contents of your pantry and kitchen to see where changes can be made to help you achieve your goals.

1hr $150

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Meal Prep Coaching

We will walk through prep steps for your favorite go-to meals or any recipes on your meal plan.

40mins (when booked alone) $50

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Meal Plan

A 5 day meal plan including breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and suggested beverages, personalized for your tastes and preferences.

40mins (when booked alone) $60

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Recommendations Handout

A personalized plan for achieving goals and addressing concerns unique to you. Thorough recommendations include foods to add or avoid, lifestyle suggestions, and other helpful information to help you reach your goals.


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Beauty Detox Consultation

After analyzing hair type and listening to your interests or concerns, I will send you a list of safer products that actually work and where to find them.

40min $40

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Bundle services to save 10% from ala carte pricing. Also, add any ala carte option to a package at a 10% discount. *Payment in advance is required for all packages

Starter Package

90 min initial intake and 60 min follow-up session.

Includes meal plan and recommendation handouts.


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Renewal Package

4 meetings over 2 months (90 min initial and three 60 min follow-up sessions).

Includes meal plan and recommendation handouts.


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Vibrance Package

6 meetings over 4 months (90 min initial + five 60 min follow-up sessions).

Includes meal plan and recommendation handouts.


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Meet Jillian

Nutrition Consultant

Jillian’s mission is to teach others how to heal through diet and lifestyle changes. Her passions include cancer prevention, gut health, and emotional eating. As an experienced hair stylist, Jillian is familiar with the hair and skin issues that can present themselves in relation to diet and can offer healthy alternatives to conventional beauty products. She believes we are all stronger than we may think—physically and spiritually—a message she strives to convey in her work.